Singapore Activities At Sunset

Airplane Enthusiasts Watch Incoming Planes

Photo Credit: UnTourist Singapore

Photo Credit: UnTourist Singapore

In the old days Changi was the de facto go-to beach, until 1970s when land fill extended the southern coast of Singapore and a new man-made beach, East Coast Park spanning 15 km long was created.

With the development of the massive Changi International Airport, Changi beach areas has also been sequested.

Changi Beach toady is a shadow of its former self. A 3km long swathe, the beach runs along Changi Coast Road from Changi Ferry Termoinal at one end and ends across Changi River, Sungei Changi.

Beach is situated very close to the 2 airports’ runways, you can observe planes coming in over the water then skimming the trees to land at the runway.

Airplane enthusiasts can watch incoming airplanes flying low over Changi beach, every 2 minutes, perfect for that sunset Instagram shot!

Ever questioned which direction the plane comes in? Is there a ‘right’ direction? Planes always take off and land into a headwind. At Changi, it depends on the prevailing time of year.

October to February is the North East Monsoon and planes will usually take off heading north. However, the direction can always change depending on the local weather.

Singapore Flyer
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Not for the faint hearted, at the height of 165m or 42 storeys, Singapore Flyer is no ordinary ob. It is one of the world’s largest Giant Observation Wheel and also one of Asia’s biggest tourist attrractions.

Located at Marina Bay, take in the spectacular sunset view, the prettiest time for a spin, when the skycrappers are covered in golden glow. As night falls, the darkness is illuminated by the buildings’ twinkling lights, enjoy a romantic dinner in the clouds (hyperlink to Choose from local favourites to international cuisine and wine pairing options, complete with butler.

28 fully airconditioned glass capsules and be transported on a 30 minute journey of stunning day and night scene feasting your eyes on iconic and historical landmarks and views from Marina Bay to the Singapore River, Merlion Park.

Sunset at Sunset Railway Tracks

Photo Credit: Nic/Flickr
Ever thought of taking an easy trekking along the Jurong Line

Leading from Sunset Way to King Albert Park, watching sunset as you navigate this flat terrain?

Another activity as you revel in the beauty of the forest and its inhabitants, enjoy the tranquility. You might even catch a glimpse of kingfishers and komodo dragons coming out at sunset.

From an abandoned railway track? Bridge extends out of the jungle and across the canel further off Clementif Road.

Railway line served as a transport channel for raw materials coming from Malay Peninsula that was intended for factories in the West until early nineties.

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