If you enjoy the beauty of a sunset and nature’s farewell kiss of the night, this website is for you. Run by Sunset lovers, we are dedicated to sharing our experiences and suggestions of where to view these magical moments in Singapore. Just as these have become sacred treasures in our heart, we hope some of them become yours.

Sunsets watching had been an activity since the beginning of time. Early watches of sunsets in Singapore, before 1819, were storytellers, street performers and musicians, mostly artistes
with a Hokkien or Teochew Opera, the early immigrants and travelers, working at the godowns and warehouses gathered on Read Bridge.

Life was a social connection. Activities were for leisure and entertainment, often gambling, where many labourers, and tongkang rowers gathered to listen to Teochew storytellers, stood on Read Bridge with the sunsetting behind them.

Read Bridge or Malacca Bridge or Green Bridge, as it was differently called by various groups, is located at Clarke Quay, was a meeting place for these activities as well as watching the sunset.

Image by Trip Advisor

Today, many of us still find a serenity watching the sunset on Read Bridge or other sites. We’ve expanded our activity beyond social to commercial with the sunset in the background. For example, photographers have used the sunset as a backdrop for wedding photography, screen savers, paintings and more, with much content about when is the best time, best lighting to capture those magical moments.

These ‘perfect’ spots to catch a sunset and all there are to do with sunset, is what this blog is about. At Sunset.sg, we constantly share the beauty Mother Nature has to offer us. You can benefit from feeling refreshed, to activities with sunset to sunsets as a mood booster and who knows perhaps romance with your companion watching the sunset.

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